Erik Carlson

Erik Carlson is the founder and president of The Carlson Group. Having worked in the IT field for over 15 years, first as a certified Novell, Microsoft and Cisco engineer, then as a senior manager of Global Engineering for Teletech. Erik can not only provide the engineering expertise for large projects, but find and manage a team of highly skilled IT professionals. Erik obtained an MBA degree from the University of Denver in ’05 and has since expanded in areas of real estate investment and capital management.

Nicole Carlson

Nicole Carlson joined The Carlson Group in 2008 in an effort to utilize her interior design background and start up the Design side of the business.  She began by creating their own personal basement in 2003 and was hired by their general contractor to provide that service to his other clients.  To her an open space is like a canvas that is ready with unlimited possibilities.  Her vision is to make a space more liveable and suitable for her clients needs.